The pressure of your foot on the brake pedal alone isn’t enough to bring your car to a stop. Your braking system includes hoses filled with a special fluid that helps to amplify brake pedal pressure. If something goes wrong with the system, you’ll have trouble stopping your vehicle.

The hydraulic lines are a closed system, but even the best seal can’t remain airtight forever. Moisture and air work their way in, contaminating your brake fluid and reducing its ability to work. You’ll want to replace your brake fluid every couple of years or so, adding more between changes if the level falls too low.

You’ll know there’s an issue with your brake fluid if you’re having trouble with your brake pedal. It may depress to its fullest extent without stopping your vehicle when you press on the pedal, or it may have an odd, spongy feeling when you press on it. You’ll want to bring your vehicle to our service center here at Beaverton Nissan in Beaverton, OR immediately.

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